Professional Permanent Make Up products by Tracie Giles

Why choose ID Liner?

Celebrity micropigmentation and permanent make up artist Tracie Giles founded the global permanent make up brand ID Liner to offer advanced, high-quality technology that delivers the trademark luxury Tracie Giles results that have made Tracie a leader in Permanent Cosmetics in the UK and globally.

Receiving international acclaim ID Liner products are the first choice for both new and established Permanent Make Up Technicians seeking to enhance their industry presence and achieve stunning results for their clients.


From our revolutionary ID Liner : En Point device with three different style hand pieces to our lip, brow and eyeliner pigments, from needles and cartridges to aftercare and cleansers, and from accessories to must-have hygiene products our ID Liner range of permanent make up tools has everything you need as a professional permanent make up technician. Whether you’ve years of experience behind you or you’re just starting out, Tracie Giles’s products will help you to deliver stunning results time and again.