ID Liner — Professional Permanent Make Up Products by Tracie Giles

Celebrity micropigmentation artist Tracie Giles founded the global permanent makeup brand ID Liner (formerly known as IndelibeLiner in 2015). Tracie has transformed thousands of faces over a 20-year career, including many well-known figures such as Katie Price, the stars of TOWIE and Louise Roe. The ID Liner range offers advanced, high-quality technology that delivers the trademark luxury TG results that have made Tracie a leader in Permanent Cosmetics in the UK and globally. This range of professional permanent makeup tools has received international acclaim. ID Liner products are the first choice for both new and established Permanent MakeUp Technicians seeking to enhance their industry presence and achieve stunning results for their clients. 

The IDLiner En Point digital device is the perfect choice for mobile technicians. This revolutionary device features three different style handpieces making it an extremely cost effective solution. Fancy upgrading to the newest handpiece on the market? Simply attach your new piece of equipment to the device and away you go. No need to buy a whole device every time you add a new handpiece to your collection. The En Point will help you create professional results for years to come. Built to achieve SPMU perfection, the En Point has a colour touch screen and works beautifully with the IDLiner range of pigments. This device has been designed to allow technicians to work reliably for long periods with minimal maintenance. 

The ID Liner range also includes a variety of needles, cartridges, pencils, aftercare, cleansers, handpieces, hygiene products, microblades and products for plasma treatments. Don’t forget to add those finishing touches to your SPMU kit with the perfect accessories for your business.

From pretty aprons to the most advanced digital devices, the ID Liner range of permanent makeup tools has everything you need as a professional Permanent Makeup Technician. Whether you’ve years of experience behind you or you’re just starting out, Tracie Giles’s products will help you to deliver stunning results time and again. 

For professionals who are new to the industry, there are six Starter Kits to choose from — Microblading, Brow, Eyes and Lips, Full Face, Brow Queen and the Master Starter Kit. TG IDLiner training courses are COMPLETELY free when you purchase any start kit bundle. Courses focus equally on technique, health and hygiene practices, client care and quality management, giving you the best chance to succeed in this competitive and exciting market. 

If you have questions about any of our products, please get in touch and one of our friendly team of experts will be happy to help you.