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Onika Fusion PMU Needles | 1 RL/RS Textured - Pre-Order

Introducing the new professional, high-precision Fusion PMU Needle Cartridges for Permanent Makeup Artists!

Onika Fusion Cartridges represent a fusion of the strength and power of conventional tattoo needles with the flexibility and delicacy of PMU Cartridges.⁠

Developed by Permanent Makeup Artist Onika Elena, Fusion Cartridges are available in the widest variety of single needle configurations on the market that have been carefully curated to meet the demands of all PMU Artists.

Safe, comfortable, and easy to use, Fusion Cartridges also have the perfect membrane with optimal density for Permanent Makeup to provide maximum ink deposit with minimum skin trauma. They have been made with the highest quality 304 stainless steel, staying sharper longer, for more accurate and gentle puncturing.

Regardless of your level of experience, Fusion Cartridges by Onika offer excellent quality for any Permanent Makeup Artist looking to take their micropigmentation skills to another level.

The single needle is the queen of all needles and comes in different configurations, sizes and tapers - giving you more options to choose the best needle for your client's skin, procedure and technique. 

Onika Fusion Cartridge Needles are compatible with all Defenderr Permanent Makeup Machines as well as any cosmetic tattooing machine that accepts standard twist-to-fit cartridges.

Please note: The Onika Fusion 1 RL/RS Textured needle configurations listed here are available on pre-order only. To shop the Onika Fusion needle configurations we have in stock please click here.

20 needles per box.



Fusion Needle Types/Configurations:

Trying different needle configurations can radically improve the way you work. The needle configuration indicates how the needles are grouped together. The most common PMU needle configurations are:

  • RL - Round Liner
  • RS - Round Shader
  • F - Flat
  • Magnum
  • Slope

Textured Needles are a type of needle that has rough and unpolished tip. A textured tip holds the ink better, resulting in better and faster pigmentation compared to a regular polished needle. Whilst the pigment slides off the polished needle like a drop of water on glass, the textured needle holds it on its rough surface, making the micropigmentation procedure faster and easier.

We recommend trying textured needles with non-organic pigments and for super thick skin types.

Fusion Needle Sizes:

0.15mm / 0.20mm / 0.25mm / 0.30mm / 0.35mm

Needle size refers to the diameter of PMU needles. More specifically, it’s referring to the widest point of your needle before it tapers off to a point.

Most Permanent Makeup Artists use a variety of sizes, as the diameter directly affects your technique. For example, needles with larger diameters are stronger and usually better suited for thick skin types so you might find yourself reaching for a wider needle diameter when working on oily/pored skin. Thinner needles are gentler so are ideal for delicate skin such as dry skin or eyelid skin.

Fusion Needle Tapers:

Taper is the measurement of the needle point length. This is one of the most important aspects because the taper length of your needle is the key to delivering pigment! It is very important to choose tapers according to the skin type and pigment texture.

  • Short Taper – 2.5mm - used to quickly apply the maximum amount of pigment. Can cause more trauma in the skin. Great choice for oily, pored eyebrow skin.
  • Medium Taper – 4.0mm – universal needles which are not as traumatic as long or short taper. Suitable for all skin types and techniques and even for beginners. Great choice to fill the eyelash line quickly and minimise swelling.
  • Long Taper – 5.5mm – sharp needles requiring special care and pressure control during the treatment. Long Taper needles will leave a smaller point in the skin and will deliver less pigment than a short or medium taper, but with the correct pressure it will cause less trauma in the skin. Great for shaded and pixelated techniques, and creating the thinnest lines. Suitable for all techniques and normal/thin skin types.
  • Extra Long Taper – 7.0mm - very sharp needles. They require a fairly high skill level from the user and are not recommended for beginners. Great for creating the finest lines and extra soft shading without pixels (for example smokey eyes).



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