ID Liner Exclusive


Onika Pigments are high-quality professional Permanent Makeup pigments that combine the best properties of mineral and organic dyes.

Onika's hybrid Lip Pigment range implants effortlessly into the skin and consists of two lines - Blush & Boosters.

The Blush line is made up of beautifully soft pigments with a glycerin base. The unique velvety-soft texture and innovative formulas provide you with the highest quality pigments that can be used with a wide range of needle configurations.

The Booster line is made up of colour-dense pigments on a water-alcohol base which provides intense saturated colours and bright healed results.

Absolutely all Lip Pigments from both lines can be used as independent shades, or mixed with each other to achieve optimal colour and saturation.

The main advantages of Onika Pigments are the safe components used and the perfect shade match, both immediately after the procedure and over time.

Onika Pigments are colour concentrated, making them ideal for both detailed work and contouring techniques and shadings. Implanting quickly and easily into the skin, they are suitable for working with even the most difficult skins.

Always striving for total perfection, Onika are constantly working to improve their pigments and update the palette of shades to reach flawless healed results.