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There has never been a better time to be a Permanent Makeup artist and enter this fast-paced and fulfilling industry. Demand is soaring, salons are recruiting, and skilful technicians have the potential to earn very lucrative salaries and become their own boss.
Permanent Makeup Training Course

Earn in excess of £100,000 per year with a 4-day weekend!

At the ID Liner Microblading & Permanent Makeup Training School you will learn from the best in the industry, using the very best equipment to give you the experience, knowledge and skills that will set you apart from your competitors.

We have a totally new training offering for 2022, with new courses, new products and a totally unique Professional Progression Programme - all in a brand new training environment!


"When I was doing my research I looked at pictures of work from cheaper courses, which didn’t appear to be industry accredited and the difference in standards was really apparent, you just could not compare them to ID Liner and their graduate portfolios. You also get the best products and equipment to work with, which is vital when first starting out. The Trainers at Tracie Giles are so talented and have between them undertaken so many different courses within the industry, that you have the assurance you are learning from only the very best."

Katie M, ID Liner Graduate & Technician


These courses are designed for new entrants to the world of Permanent Makeup - even those with no experience or not from a beauty background - or those new to a specific Permanent Makeup treatment.
Our ID Liner fundamental beginners training courses focus equally on theory, technique and practical skill set, providing you with the knowledge and equipment you need to kick-start your career and become a confident Permanent Makeup or Microblading Artist.

Completing your fundamental beginners training course is the first step in our Professional Progression Programme which mentors you from a beginner, through to intermediate, advanced and eventually Master artist. As a Master artist you will be in a position to develop your own signature techniques and host your own masterclasses.

Brows are a big business and undoubtedly the most requested Permanent Makeup treatment. They are a must-have in your client offering but lots of new artists only specialise in this one area. Being able to also offer Permanent Eyeliner and Gloss & Go™ Lip Blush will set you apart from your competitors and will allow you to truly deliver the full package for your clients.



ID Liner offer 4 main fundamental beginners courses: Digital Brows, Microbladed Brows, Permanent Eyeliner and Gloss & Go™ Lip Blush. Each course can be purchased individually, but with our mix and match system trainees can combine courses to benefit from rapid progression, added value and savings of up to £4,400.


Permanent Makeup Training


I have absolutely loved my training with you guys, and I can’t compliment Miri and Bronwyn enough. Bronwyn's support throughout my first few case studies has been absolutely invaluable too. You have an amazing team there, so glad I decide to complete my PMU training with you guys.

- Jess S, ID Liner Graduate & Technician


Once you have mastered the fundamental art of cosmetic tattooing and achieved your Bronze Artist Certificate of Completion (or you are already an established artist and have completed beginners courses elsewhere), you will be able to progress your professional development by enrolling on one of our intermediate courses.
  • Skill Up Training - designed to help you hone and develop your skillset, these courses improve how you currently work and introduce new techniques to take you to the next level. Running for 6 days with specific days focusing on brows, eyeliners, lips and colour correction, you can attend as many or as few days as you like!
  • Areola Micropigmentation - this treatment can be the final step back to normality after breast reconstruction or augmentation by using cosmetic tattooing to restore the natural appearance of the areola. During this intensive three-day course, trainees will be taught how to perform these life-changing treatments and achieve beautiful, natural looking results.
  • Male Brow Micropigmentation - it’s not just women that need an expert hand in making their brows permanently perfect, Boy Brows are rapidly increasing in-demand and by adding this treatment to your service list you will be doubling the size of your potential market!
  • Scalp Micropigmentation - As the fastest growing sector of the Permanent Makeup industry, Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are used to conceal hair loss and thinning hair for both men and women.
  • Conversion Course: Microblading to Digital - whilst microblading has become one of the most popular treatments in recent years, results are limited to Hairstroke Brows and frequently clients will request some shading which is more easily achieved with digital Permanent Makeup. Expand your skillset with this 3-day conversion course.



ID Liner is a collective of some of the most talented Master Artists from around the world.
Throughout the year, these Artists host their own masterclasses for ID Liner showcasing the newest and most innovative techniques and trends from around the world.

2022 Masterclasses include:




Permanent Makeup is one of the fastest growing sectors of the beauty industry, and once you have finished your fundamental training courses, started to build your client base and explored resources available to you online, you can often feel overwhelmed with the influx of new information.
You will work with clients of different skin types and preferences and will also need to learn how to tattoo over the work of another Artist, and for this you need different tools and techniques.
ID Liner run workshops throughout the year that cover all the key skills needed at this transitional stage of an Artist’s career - Brow Mapping, Needle Selection, Colour Theory & Colour Correction - all in one intensive, in-person workshop.

ID Liner webinars are available online and offer in-depth exploration of key topics including:



Sometimes artists require something slightly more specific to enable them to master certain techniques.

The beauty of training with ID Liner is that we are also able to offer bespoke 1-2-1 training to suit your individual needs, allowing you to benefit from the undivided attention of one of our expert trainers.