More than just a Permanent Makeup brand, ID Liner is a collective of the best Artists, training and equipment from around the globe, brought together in one place by industry leader Tracie Giles.

Tracie Giles has worked on thousands of faces over a 25 year career in Permanent Makeup. Passionate about the Permanent Makeup industry, she launched the ID Liner® range in 2015 after noticing fundamental flaws in many products available on the market and in response to a growing demand to share her experience, knowledge and skills with both new and established Permanent Makeup artists.

The ID Liner® product range and training academy, developed by Tracie and her daughter Charlotte, signified a refreshing change in the in the industry, bringing more advanced, higher quality UK technology into a market historically dominated by European and Asian manufacturers.

Now the first choice for new and experienced Permanent Makeup Artists worldwide, ID Liner® has been met with international acclaim and continues to enable the next generation of Permanent Makeup artists and seasoned pros to enhance their industry presence and stand out in this increasingly saturated market with stunning results.

"I have developed the ID Liner ® range with you in mind. ID  Liner® will help you to achieve beautiful and safe Permanent Makeup for your clients and advance in your career to become the best Artist you can possibly be"
- Tracie Giles