Say Hello To Our ID Liner Ambassadors!

Over the last year we have seen the Permanent Makeup industry come together like never before, championing collaboration over competition and supporting each other through an extremely difficult time for the industry.

This idea of collaboration over competition is the ethos behind our new ID Liner Ambassador Programme – bringing together the best tools in the industry and some of the best Permanent Makeup Artists worldwide to share with you the true possibilities of PMU.

Each of our ID Liner Ambassadors shares their tips, tricks & favourite ID Liner, Defenderr & Mag Color PMU supplies on their social media accounts, as well as an exclusive 10% discount code for you to use at

Our ID Liner Ambassadors:

limitlesspmu hyper realism brows
Discount code: 'MIRI10'
Discount code: 'KALLY10'

gemma henderson

Discount code: 'GEMMA10'

hana kelly delineate permanent makeup

Discount code: 'HANAK10'

stefanie pmu

Discount code: 'STEF10'

amy bissett

Discount code: 'AMY10'

karkira pmu

Discount code: 'KARKIRA10'

Darren Mifsud PMU

Discount code: 'DARREN10'

Jade Jefford PMU

Discount code: 'JADE10'

danielle hicks brow cult

Discount code: 'DANI10'

sarah gibb pmu

Discount code: 'SARAH10'


World Master Series:

We are also proud to host PMU Masterclasses from some of our Ambassadors at our ID Liner Training Academy as part of our World Master Series. These intensive, hands-on, one-day Masterclasses are focused on the signature Permanent Makeup technique of each of our Ambassadors...

For more information and to book please contact


Interested in joining the ID Liner Ambassador Programme?