Introducing the Gloss & Go KISS Lip Blush Pigment Series…

Our brand new Gloss & Go Kiss Lip Blush pigment series is here, and it’s here to stay - all day, every day!


Lip Blush Pigments. Li Pigments. ID Liner.

Lips. Are. In.

The trend for full, luscious lips is showing no signs of slowing down and more people than ever before are looking to the Permanent Makeup industry for a more permanent solution to the perfect, plump pout.

Brows are big business in the world of PMU and this led us to partner with industry giants Li Pigments for our first pigment series - Colour Trend brow pigments. Quickly and firmly established as a favourite of Permanent Makeup Artists worldwide, the demand for an ID Liner Lip Blush pigment series quickly grew.

Over the last few years the popularity of Lip Blushing treatments has soared - and it's not surprising why! People are busier than ever before, and are looking for life hacks that save them time, especially in the morning! Waking up with perfectly applied lipstick every day in the perfect shade for your skin tone (that also adds volume and definition) has never sounded better.

It’s anti-ageing too!

Many women notice their lips changing over time, with the volume, colour and definition all deteriorating as we age. A beautiful blush of colour and a restored lip line instantly creates the illusion of fuller, younger lips and can totally transform your appearance. 


Lip Blush Pigments. Li Pigments. Gloss & Go.


There’s something about wearing your favourite shade of lipstick that gives you the confidence and the strength to attack each day and overcome whatever challenges are thrown your way. In the words of Elizabeth Taylor...

"Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together."

Giving people that confidence every single day - THAT'S the power of Permanent Makeup.

We’ve been working on something special…

Over the past year, with demand for Lip Blushing treatments skyrocketing and with clinic closures and a little extra time on our hands, we met with our friends at Li Pigments (virtually) to revaluate our previous Gloss & Go Lip Blush range and see what changes could be made to ensure two things; that every artist is working with the best possible products, and to ensure that every client is getting beautiful, lasting results in stunning modern shades.


Lip Tattoo Pigments


Our team reached out to Clients and Artists worldwide and the key requirements for Lip Blush pigments came back loud and clear...

Client and Artists both want pigments in modern-wearable shades to choose from that look beautiful, are long-lasting and fade gradually without colour change. 

10 Iconic Shades

Our team got to work curating the KISS pigment series - reflective of the shades most requested by all global Master Artists and carefully colour-matched to the most iconic conventional lipstick colours available. We looked at all the major makeup brands and the best-selling lipsticks from MAC, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Channel, L’oreal, Fenty and more for inspiration.

We came up with ten beautiful new shades not currently available as Permanent Makeup pigments that mimic the most popular lipstick shades that customers are reaching for time and time again. 

These shades are complex and layered with nudes, pinks and iconic reds to suit all clients and skin tones. Each KISS pigment can be used on its own, or mixed with other pigments in the series, giving you an infinite colour palette.


KISS Lip Blush Pigments

Power-Packed with Pigment 

Achieving proper pigment retention might just be the biggest difficulty that Artists face when carrying out Lip Blush treatments. There are of course many factors that affect retention - skin type, lifestyle factors, technique, and of course the pigments and tools that are used.

Our KISS series of lip pigments are power-packed with pigment. This maximum pigment load means better retention from the very first treatment and longer-lasting results. 

Unlike other brands on the market, our Lip Blush pigments are also designed to fade gradually and without colour change - leaving you with a beautiful canvas to work from, every time. 

The Latest Formulation from Li Pigments, Exclusively for ID Liner

Working closely again with Li Pigments, we developed a palette of stunning, modern Lip Blush colours that you and your clients will love and that will stay put, all day, every day.

What’s Included:

The Gloss & Go KISS Collection is made up of ten stunning organic pigments - available individually or as a full series. Each pigment bottle is 7ml.

Lady Danger
Vivid, bright and warm, this mid/light-range red heals softer than it looks and adds brightness to all shades.

Get Reddy
A popular and versatile mid-range reddish-pink.

Naturally Flushed
Soft & pretty light-range pigment for a subtle ‘Bitten-Lip’ effect. Incredibly natural but with a subtle flush of colour.

A classic mid-range red lip shade.

Ruby Woo Woo
Sultry, dark-range berry red pigment. Can be used for darkening or alone.

Candy Yum Yum
A bright & vibrant light-range shade. Add a drop to other pinks to brighten and illuminate or use it neat.

Baby Kisses
A stunning, light-range delicate pink that creates the most kissable lips.

My Lips But Better
A mid-range pigment the name says it all!

This temptress pink is a must-have medium-range pigment. Can be used neat or added to other shades.

For a light-range signature nude lip – an understated classic.



KISS Lip Blush Latex Work

By some of the best PMU Artists in the UK...


Lip Blush Pigments


Lip Tattoo Pigments



Lip Tattoo Ink



Lip Blush Ink



Lip Pigments



Lip Pigments



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