ID Liner Exclusive

DEFENDERR Machines, Pigments & Needles

ID Liner are proud to be the exclusive UK distributors for Defenderr.

Working with no noise or vibration, the Defenderr Permanent Makeup Machines - Vector, Onyx, Onyx Air, Diamond, Infinity, Ruby & Fenix S - are the most advanced on the market. The Defenderr PMU Machines are designed to the highest technical specifications and deliver outstanding results for all levels of Permanent Makeup Artist.

All Defenderr Permanent Makeup Machines are compatible with Defenderr Cartridge Needles, which are the best and sharpest needles available. Causing very little trauma to the skin, Defenderr Needles are perfect for Artists wanting to work with total precision and confidence.

ID Liner also stocks the Defenderr PS-8 Power Supply which is an extremely reliable, versatile and powerful choice for all levels of Permanent Makeup Artist.

Famous worldwide for their machines and needles, Defenderr are now taking the Permanent Makeup industry to the next level with their new, innovative Colour Correctors and Brow, Eyeliner & Lip Blush Pigments.