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Defenderr Onyx PMU Machine

Onyx by Defenderr is the most advanced Permanent Makeup Machine on the market, designed to the highest technical specifications and delivering outstanding results for all levels Permanent Makeup Artist.

The Defenderr Onyx is a high-tech rotary machine, working with little noise or vibration and proven to create uniformed pixels and clearer lines, even for beginner artists - giving you total control and precision. Combined with its stylish, lightweight, ergonomic design and comfortable grip, this is the handpiece that you need to elevate your Permanent Makeup skill to the next level.

Key Features:

  • Little noise or vibration whilst working - giving you total control and precision
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design
  • Comfortable grip - allowing you to work for longer
  • Fully sterile - Design prevents ink from flowing back into the machine

The Onyx Defenderr device design not only prevents ink from getting inside the machine but also allows full disassembling and processing of any part of the machine in an autoclave or in a dry heat cabinet.

The Onyx is compatible with all Defenderr PMU Cartridge Needles and any classic cartridge needle. Any cables with RCA connector will fit it perfectly. Maximum power is 10 W. 3.5-6.5 V range is sufficient depending on tattoo technique used.

The Defenderr Onyx runs with the Defenderr PS-8 Power Supply, & Critical or Dragonhawk power supplies.

It is also compatible with our ID Liner En Point : Cosmetic Tattooing Device. For the Defenderr Onyx to work with the ID Liner En Point Device you need to purchase a jack adapter to connect the two.


ONYX Specifications:







Motor Power




Rotational Speed

10,000 rpm

Short Stroke



Black Stealth, Gunmetal, Brownstone, Chromium, Pink


1 year


Faulhaber (Germany)


in the USA


Please note: All Defenderr handpieces must always be pointing downwards when turned on. Holding Defenderr handpieces with the needle end pointing upwards when turned on creates the risk of an inconsistent current or total failure. This will be detectable when tested.


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