Discovering Talent | Nurturing Ambition | Making Master Artists

The global Permanent Makeup industry is worth around $1 billion – and it’s growing fast with no sign of slowing down. Artists are constantly pushing the boundaries, developing new technologies and innovative techniques to meet the soaring demand for both incredibly natural and more glamorous results.

To remain competitive, an artist’s learning should not end after their Fundamental Beginners course. The world’s top artists frequently attend CPD courses and masterclasses to stay at the top of their game, despite having many years of experience.




The ID Liner Professional Progression Programme has been designed by the ID Liner Team to provide a clear path of professional development, supporting and mentoring you from beginner to advanced level. 

Having trained hundreds of students, the programme was founded with a clear ethos: to discover talent, nurture ambition and encourage artist to become the next world masters.



The ID Liner Professional Progression Programme consists of 4 stages: Bronze Artist, Silver Artist, Gold Artist and Master Artist.

Student will receive a Certificate of Attendance after they have attended any of our training courses. This certifies the name and date of the course attended. In order to receive a Certificate of Completion and advance to the next stage of the programme, students must have completed the following:



Bronze Artist

  • Completed 16+ hours in-house training
  • Passed the foundation written assessment
  • Produced 3 detailed proficient independent case studies (beginner level)



Silver Artist

  • Been practising for a minimum of 1 year
  • Completed 24+ hours in-house training
  • Attended 1 ID Liner CPD course / masterclass
  • Produced 3 detailed independent case studies (intermediate level)



Gold Artist

  • Been practising for a minimum of 2 years
  • Performed minimum 100 treatments
  • Completed 32+ hours in-house training
  • Attended 3 ID Liner CPD courses / masterclasses
  • Produced 1 detailed independent case study (advanced) 

Only the very best artists will progress to Gold Artist and this demonstrates an advanced level of excellent artistry and in-depth knowledge. It is at this stage that artists are encouraged to think for themselves; they must find, develop and hone their skills and talents, advancing an area of specialty to create a signature advanced technique.



Master Artist

To progress to a Master Artist you then need to create your own masterclass with the help of our team to showcase their work on the world stage, leading and inspiring others.

In order to obtain the coveted Master Artist award, artists must:

  • Have satisfied all Gold Award criteria
  • Have developed a signature advanced technique in a chosen area of speciality
  • Have successfully formulated and delivered an ID Liner masterclass on their signature technique

ID Liner Master Artists will be formally presented their award and will be permitted to distribute exclusive ID Liner products alongside their masterclasses.



All ID Liner skill-up courses and masterclasses count as CPD credits towards each stage of the Professional Progression Programme. ID Liner will leverage its own social media and marketing channels to promote ID Liner artists at each stage.