Kick-Start Your Career in 2024 with ID Liner

In the ever-evolving world of Permanent Makeup, 2024 promises to be the year for PMU Artists to discover new skills, hone their craft and reach new heights of mastery. Enter ID Liner - not just a brand, but a global collective that blends the best Permanent Makeup training, cutting-edge equipment, and a community of skilled artists from around the world. We're going to delve into the educational aspects that make ID Liner an exceptional platform for existing PMU Artists seeking to refine their skills and stay on top of industry innovations.

Founded by industry leader Tracie Giles, ID Liner draws on over 25 years of professional experience in the PMU space. Tracie Giles, a pioneer in the industry, launched Tracie Giles London in 2003 and subsequently introduced ID Liner in 2015. Driven by a passion for sharing her extensive knowledge and skills, Tracie established ID Liner as a community for both new and seasoned PMU Artists.

ID Liner's Microblading & Permanent Makeup Training School is a multi award-winning PMU academy. Our comprehensive range of courses are designed to cater to Artists at all levels and stages in their career, from beginners taking their initial steps to seasoned practitioners seeking skill enhancement.

Looking to launch a new career in Permanent Makeup in 2024? Our Fundamental Beginners Permanent Makeup & Microblading Training Courses form the bedrock of ID Liner's training offerings. These courses meticulously cover theory, technique, and practical skill sets, providing artists with a well-rounded education.

Looking to take your Permanent Makeup career to the next level in 2024? Let's explore why ID Liner stands out as the preferred platform for existing Permanent Makeup Artists aiming to excel in the dynamic PMU landscape...


Navigating the Professional Progression Programme

ID Liner Training Academy

At ID Liner, our commitment to elevating the skills and expertise of our Artists goes beyond the ordinary, reaching new heights with our totally unique Professional Progression Programme. Beyond an extension to your training, this thoughtfully designed mentorship journey serves as a transformative roadmap, guiding Artists through distinctive stages of development. Starting with the foundational stages for beginners, the program seamlessly advances to intermediate proficiency, then onto advanced techniques, culminating in the prestigious status of a Master Artist.

This meticulously curated progression is more than just a skill-building exercise. Our aim is not only to impart technical proficiency but also to foster the unique creativity of each Artist. By providing the tools and guidance to cultivate their distinctive techniques, we position our Artists as industry leaders. The pinnacle of this progression isn't just becoming a Master Artist - it's about becoming a creative force capable of hosting educational masterclasses.

In essence, the Professional Progression Programme is a testament to our dedication to nurturing a community of Artists who not only excel in their craft but also contribute to the growth and innovation of the broader Permanent Makeup industry.

Tailored Training Solutions

ID Liner Training Academy


Recognising the varied requirements of Permanent Makeup Artists, ID Liner stands out through its commitment to providing personalised training solutions. Our mix and match system allows you to cherry-pick the training courses that are right for you, and we also offer bespoke 1-2-1 training sessionsallowing artists to engage in a learning experience tailored explicitly to their individual needs.

This personalised approach sets ID Liner apart and ensures that each Artist receives the learning they desire from undivided attention from seasoned trainers, establishing an optimal learning environment where the focus is solely on developing their unique skillset. 

The tailored nature of this educational experience guarantees that Artists can thrive and grow at their own pace, with the training content and methods aligning precisely with their distinctive learning curves. ID Liner's commitment to individualised training is more than just a feature; it is reflective of our dedication to nurturing an environment where each artist can unfold their full potential in the dynamic landscape of PMU.

Diversification of Skillsets

ID Liner PMU Training

In the ever-evolving world of Permanent Makeup, ID Liner stands out by urging Artists to diversify their skills. While eyebrows remain a lucrative business, the academy encourages Artists to learn Permanent Eyeliner and Gloss & Go™ Lip Blush to enhance their income, as well as highly specialised skills such as Hyper-Realism Brows, Areola Micropigmentation, or Scalp Micropigmentation.

Offering the full range of training for techniques and treatments at every level allows ID Liner Artists to offer a comprehensive suite of services. This not only distinguishes them in the competitive landscape and increases their potential revenue streams, but also aligns with current beauty trends, where clients seek practitioners capable of delivering a cohesive and harmonised 'full face' look. Encouraging artists to master these techniques is a strategic investment in their professional growth, making them versatile and adaptable to the dynamic demands of the PMU market.

The Educational Edge of ID Liner

ID Liner PMU Training

Affiliation with ID Liner is not just a connection; it's a passport to a thriving global network. As recognised ambassadors for a brand built upon the pillars of skill, safety, and diligence, Artists become part of a community that spans the globe. This interconnected network provides a unique platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and exposure to diverse perspectives within the dynamic world of Permanent Makeup. Being associated with ID Liner means more than just leveraging a renowned name; it opens doors to opportunities, collaborations, and a wealth of experiences that extend far beyond the conventional boundaries of the PMU industry.

Artists gain the exclusive privilege of incorporating the prestigious ID Liner logo and name alongside their personal brand. This association not only solidifies their professional profile but also acts as a symbol of credibility and excellence in the fiercely competitive PMU landscape. By aligning with ID Liner, Artists not only enhance their visibility but also signify their commitment to the highest standards of artistry, safety, and skill, making them stand out as professionals in the PMU community.

Innovative Products and Tools

ID Liner PMU Training

ID Liner's commitment to education seamlessly extends to its meticulously curated product range. Crafted under the discerning eyes of a Pro Team comprising accomplished Permanent Makeup Artists, the selection process goes beyond mere curation. These Artists, with their finger on the pulse of industry trends, choose the latest and most innovative equipment from renowned global brands. Each product undergoes rigorous trials and testing before we choose to stock it, ensuring that the Permanent Makeup tools and products that Artists receive are not just top-tier but also validated by professionals worldwide. This dedication to excellence in product selection demonstrates ID Liner's pursuit of providing Artists with tools that meet the highest standards of quality and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of Permanent Makeup.

"I have absolutely loved my training with you guys, and I can’t compliment Miri and Bronwyn enough. Bronwyn's support throughout my first few case studies has been absolutely invaluable too. You have an amazing team there, so glad I decide to complete my PMU training with you guys."
- Jess S, ID Liner Graduate & Technician

 ID Liner Permanent Makeup Training


Launching your career in Permanent Makeup in 2024 is an exciting prospect, and there's no better starting point than ID Liner. As a global collective of award-winning training, cutting-edge equipment, and skilled artists, ID Liner offers courses for all levels, providing a solid foundation for beginners and refining the skills of experienced artists. The innovative Professional Progression Programme guides artists from novice to Master, positioning them as industry leaders. Affiliation with ID Liner goes beyond training - it provides access to a global network, the privilege of using the prestigious ID Liner logo, and credibility in the competitive PMU industry. With the demand for PMU soaring, joining ID Liner in 2024 isn't just a career move; it's a gateway to a dynamic community and unparalleled opportunities for success in the world of Permanent Makeup.