Why Clinisept+ Antimicrobial Skin Cleanser is a must-have for your Permanent Makeup kit!

As a Permanent Makeup Artist, understanding the importance of thorough skin preparation is essential.

Enhancing your technique, gathering the necessary supplies, and organising a comprehensive toolkit are key steps in ensuring your clients' safety, comfort, and lasting satisfaction with their Permanent Makeup treatments.

Here we are taking a closer look at why skin cleansing products and a thorough skin cleansing protocol build the foundation for successful Permanent Makeup treatments and results.

In the fast-evolving world of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, the demand for cutting-edge skincare solutions has never been higher. Enter Clinisept+ Skin, the UK's leading skin prep that has redefined professional skin cleansing. Award-winning and endorsed by reputable bodies like the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practice (JCCP) and the Aesthetic Complications Expert Group (ACE), Clinisept+ Skin stands out as the go-to choice for maximising skin sanitation pre and post-treatment.

Cinisept+ Cleanser PMU

A New Approach to Professional Skin Cleansing

Clinisept+ Skin Cleanser offers a revolutionary approach to skin hygiene and antimicrobial protection. It is unlike traditional skin cleanser formulas that contain alcohol or chlorhexidine. It's gentle on the skin, avoiding harm, irritation, or sensitisation of the dermal layer.

The Unique Formula

At the heart of Clinisept+ is a unique high-purity hypochlorous solution that provides highly effective skin hygiene without compromising patient safety. This formula is not only skin-safe, with a neutral pH and dermatologically tested properties, but it also boasts an oxidising action that promotes maximum sanitation without compromising the skin barrier.

Key Benefits of Clinisept+ Skin Cleanser

  1. Gentle Yet Effective: The gentle oxidising action ensures maximum patient safety without causing harm or irritation.

  2. Alcohol and Harsh Chemical-Free: Clinisept+ contains no alcohol, chlorhexidine, petroleum, or harsh chemicals, making it safe and compatible with sensitive skin.

  3. Antimicrobial Resistance: Unlike some traditional options, Clinisept+ is not subject to antimicrobial resistance, ensuring its long-term effectiveness.

  4. Hypoallergenic and Anti-Inflammatory: Clinisept+ reduces redness and inflammation, creating the optimum conditions for natural skin healing.

  5. No Residue: The cleanser leaves no chemical residue on the skin, offering a clean and refreshing finish.

Versatile Applications

  • Before Aesthetic Treatments: Clinisept+ Skin is the ideal choice for preparing the skin before all aesthetic treatments, ensuring unsurpassed hygiene and microbial control.

  • Aftercare at Home: The 100ml Clinisept+ Skin is perfect for patients to take home. Its atomising trigger spray allows for easy application without touching the treated area, promoting optimal hygiene and rapid recovery.


Clinisept+ Skin stands as the next generation of skin cleansing, offering unparalleled benefits for both professionals and patients. Its unique formula, endorsed by industry experts, makes it a must-have in the world of aesthetic and cosmetic treatments for PMU Artists that demand the best, safest results.