Which PMU Machine is right for me?

In the realm of permanent makeup, our tools are more than just instruments - they're extensions of our artistry, playing an important role to the success of our treatments.

Navigating the hugely diverse range of machines available in the market can be challenging for even the most experience Artist, and you won't be alone if you find yourself asking: which Permanent Makeup machine is right for me?

The consensus among PMU experts is that there isn't a one-size-fits-all machine for any Artist or every technique. As you hone your skills, you might find a machine that is perfect for creating hairstroke brows, but it might not deliver the same results for a lip blush service for example. The effectiveness of machines varies based on your unique ways of working as an Artist and each individual client considering factors like skin density and type, as well as the desired outcome. For maximum flexibility we recommend rotary machines that accommodate universal cartridges so that you can use your preferred needles across different machines.

Other important factors when choosing your Permanent Makeup machine are...

Machine Stroke:

What defines a machine's stroke, and why is it a crucial consideration? The stroke length directly impacts pigment implantation and consequently your final outcome.

The stroke of a tattoo machine, also known as its hit, signifies the distance covered by the armature bar from its upright position to its downward position. In rotary machines, the stroke is the distance traveled in one rotation. The longer the distance from the bearing to the centre of the cam, the more extended the stroke.

Commonly, PMU artists prefer machines with either a Short Stroke (1.8mm - 2.5mm) or a Medium Stroke (3.0mm - 3.5mm). However, there's also the option of a Long Stroke (4.0mm and above) for those seeking a different approach.

Stroke Length:

The choice of machine can dictate the stroke length which plays a significant role in various tattooing techniques and procedures.

It's crucial to note that the preferred stroke length aligns directly with your personal and unique style. Before determining the ideal machine and stroke for you, we suggest evaluating the procedures you intend to perform and identifying what feels most comfortable for you.

Stroke Key Features:
  • Establishes the maximum needle depth
  • Determines the force with which the machine impacts the skin during a procedure
  • Dictates the speed at which the needle moves

When to use different strokes:

Short strokes (1.8mm - 2.5mm) are arguably the most popular choice amongst Artists and is ideal when aiming to delicately apply soft colour to the skin. The 'wash of colour' technique, for achieving a natural look, often involves multiple passes to build up layers of pigment. The gentler impact of the short stroke permits the creation of layered, smooth blends without causing undue stress to the skin. If your objective is to achieve a naturally soft-shaded brow or lip, a short stroke length aligns well with your goals. However, this might not be the most suitable choice for thicker or resistant skin types. 

Selecting a medium stroke (3.0mm - 3.5mm) is a great choice for colour packing and blending. The medium stroke offers increased power which is well-suited for larger needle groupings, allowing you to work quicker and more efficiently. This stroke length is particularly suitable for thicker skin types compared to machines with a shorter stroke. Striking a balance between gentleness and impact, a medium stroke proves to be a versatile choice for many clients.

Opting for a long stroke (4.0mm and above) proves effective on all skin types, ensuring thorough pigment saturation with forceful strokes. It's essential to exercise a light hand pressure to prevent excessive colour saturation and potential skin damage if heavy-handed. The extended stroke facilitates the smooth insertion of larger needle groups into the skin, offering the flexibility to position the needle farther from the tip for enhanced lining accuracy.

However, it is advisable to refrain from using longer stroke machines for eyeliner procedures and on extremely delicate skin types to mitigate any potential adverse effects.

Voltage & Speed:

The speed of your machine plays a crucial role in determining how frequently the needle penetrates the skin to implant pigment and create pixels, distinct from hand speed, which influences the pixel spacing. A slower machine speed results in less frequent needle penetration, making it suitable for depositing minimal colour, particularly for shading purposes.

When your machine operates at a higher speed, the needle pierces the skin more frequently, effortlessly producing a solid appearance. Keep in mind that the combined influence of both your machine speed and hand speed determines the final result. For a light, shaded effect, experiment with a slow machine speed and a slightly quicker hand speed - this combination yields a dispersed pixelation effect. If you desire a denser, solid look, consider a slight increase in your machine speed while concurrently slowing down your hand speed. This adjustment allows the needle to impart more colour to the skin, ultimately crafting a more compressed pixelation effect.


Let's take a look at a selection of our recommended PMU Machines here at ID Liner:

Defenderr Ruby:

Defenderr Ruby PMU Machine

Calling all dynamic artists! The Defenderr Ruby is not just a machine; it's your partner in pushing boundaries. With 7 interchangeable eccentric modes, this powerhouse lets you dance between techniques seamlessly. Whether you are creating airy pixels or intricate designs, the Ruby's fully adjustable needle hangout and exclusive motor design make it the ultimate choice for artists who refuse to be confined.

Defenderr Diamond:

Defenderr Diamond PMU Machine

For the seasoned artist, the Defenderr Diamond is your silent assassin, dedicated to precision for looks that KILL! Embrace a noise-free and vibration-free operation as you wield its 2.5mm short stroke length for uniformed pixels and crystal-clear lines. Crafted with an upgraded powerful motor and a balance that lets you work tirelessly, the Diamond becomes an extension of your artistic intent.

Microbeau Bellar:

Microbeau PMU Machine

Tried, tested, and loved by Artists worldwide, the Bellar PMU Machine is tailored for hairstrokes, eyeliner, whipshading, and scalp micro-pigmentation, this lightweight masterpiece grants you unparalleled comfort and manoeuvrability. The MotorBolt system ensures your artistry flows with precision, stroke after stroke.

Bishop PMU Pen:

The Bishop PMU Pen

Meet the Bishop PMU Pen - a compact device designed for artists like you. With its small and lightweight frame, compatibility with most cartridge needle brands, and the precision of the Namiki motor, this PMU Machine is your secret weapon for intricate, detailed work.

As a Permanent Makeup Artist, the significance of your tools cannot be overstated. At ID Liner, we understand the crucial role that equipment plays in elevating your craft. Explore our full range of Permanent Makeup Machines and discover the precision, versatility and quality of machines that will amplify your work.