Popular Lip Blush Pigments You Need In Your PMU Kit!

In the ever-evolving world of Permanent Makeup, there's one trend on everyone's lips right now: Lip Blush pigments. The Lip Blush treatment is taking the Permanent Makeup world by storm, and with natural yet transformative results it's not hard to see why.

The beauty industry thrives on change and evolution, with trends shifting and adapting. At ID Liner, our mission is to keep Permanent Makeup Artists informed about the latest, in-demand products and shades - and we are diving headfirst into the world of Lip Blush pigments.

Through extensive research and close engagement with the PMU community (and our ID Liner Pro Team!), we have identified the exact lip pigments that clients desire and Artists need in their kits!

Get ready to explore the vibrant spectrum of Lip Blush pigments and discover the colours that will make sure your clients (and you as an Artist) steal the spotlight.

Pink Lip Blush Shades

In today's beauty scene pink is reigning supreme, and the Queen of Lip Blush colours has a variety of shades in her palette to suit every client's unique style. Whether it's a vibrant Barbie inspired pop or a subtle blush, pink is in high demand. Here's our top pink picks for Lip Blush pigments.

1. Raspberry No.6 By Hanafy

Raspberry Hanafy


Sweet, ripe and juicy this berry-licious shade is fresh and bright making it perfect for use on cool, blonde haired clients. Because of the cool undertones present in this shade use very carefully on cool-blue, vascular lips

PMU Artist @rodichkinaaa⁠ shows us just how beautiful this Raspberry shade can be!

2. Luxury Pink by Onika

A light, natural, soft pink shade, this gorgeous pink pigment has a velvety texture, which allows you to restore the skin of the lips and disguise old, botched, or unsuccessful Permanent Makeup.

3. Pink by Mag Color

Mag Color Lip Blush Pigment Pink

This intense, vibrant shade of pink is your go-to for clients wanting a bold look. Power-packed with pigment and with a creamier texture, the Mag Color Lip Blush range are an excellent choice for shaded Lip Blush.


Neutral Lip Blush Shades 

Within the wider beauty industry neutral or nude lip shades are a trend that show no sign of slowing down, and for clients transitioning to a more permanent solution they are an extremely popular choice - allowing them to enhance their look without it being obvious they have had anything 'done'. With a diverse spectrum of colours available to complement each client's individual style and skin tone, delve into our carefully selected range of high-quality neutral Lip Blush pigments, ensuring a tailored shade for every client's needs. 

1. Soft Beige No.9 by Hanafy 

Hanafy Soft Beige Lip Blush Pigment

PMU Artist and ID Liner Master @tilyraepmu created these stunning healed lips using a blend including Soft Beige by Hanafy.

This beautiful soft brown-pink shade is suitable for almost every skin tone and is perfect for clients wanting a natural, healthy, 'just been kissed' look. Its a must-have for any PMU kit.

2. Luxury Nude by Onika 

Onika Luxury Nude Lip Blush Pigment

This delicate, natural base shade with a powdery pink-brown tone is suitable for all natural Lip Blush looks, from subtly recreating a natural contour to full lip reconstruction.

3. Cherry No.4 By Hanafy

Hanafy Lip Blush Pigment Cherry

This look by @rodichkinaaa is a perfect example of how versatile the Hanafy Pigments really are. As well as being able to create saturated lipstick effects, they can also be used to create soft, sheer lips.

By diluting Hanafy Cherry No.4 with the Hanafy Pigment Thinner, this Artist has created a beautiful neutral shade with a juicy warm, ripe cherry tint for her client.

Classic Red Lip Blush Shades

Classic lipstick red shades have emerged as one of the current favourites for Lip Blush. From bold and fiery reds to soft, romantic crimson hues, this versatile colour range is in high demand. Red Lip Blush not only adds a touch of glamour but also complements a variety of skin tones, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a bold, confident look.

1. Cherry (Pitanga) by Mag Color

Mag Color Cherry Lip Blush Pigment

This stunning, rich red shade is perfect for clients wanting a vibrant, statement red. Mag Color Cherry is ideal for lips which lack skin integrity as the presence of inorganic in its composition guarantees a greater coverage effect.

2. Jolie by FACE

Jolie FACE Lip Blush Pigment

@oodubovskaya has used a mix of Jolie and Caramel by FACE to create this Lip Blush look and this image is an amazing example of how different the shades look when healed.

This stunning soft shade is suitable for both gentle blondes and bright brunettes.

3. Strawberry No.5 by Hanafy

Hanafy Lip Blush Pigment Strawberry

This dreamy Lip Blush look by ID Liner PMU Master @limitlesspmu was created using Strawberry No.5 by Hanafy.

This warm, bright Lip Blush Pigment is for suitable for everyone who loves a classic red lip. This pigment is also great for cool-toned lips and dark skin tones.


Lip Blush shades are ever-evolving, with trends that rise and fall in popularity. Currently, a range of captivating shades are taking centre stage, each offering its own unique charm and versatility. Whether it's rosy pinks, soft nudes, or romantic reds, there's a shade for every individual.

As you navigate the world of Lip Blush colours, remember that beauty is deeply personal. Choose the shade that resonates with your clients unique style and empowers them to feel their most confident and beautiful. Here at ID Liner we have a shade for each and every client.