ID Liner Exclusive


Inspired by only the most beautiful and realistic Permanent Makeup results, Mag Color GOLD Lip Blush Pigments have a creamier texture and are power-packed with pigment to ensure maximum coverage and long-lasting results. Mag Color GOLD Lip Blush Pigments have been developed using the latest technologies ensuring more uniformed pixels, excellent implantation in the skin, and higher performance in the most varied micropigmentation techniques.

Developed using a unique process and only the highest quality ingredients, the Mag Color LINE Lip Blush Pigment series is composed of a mix of inorganic white (titanium dioxide) oxides and and organic red & yellow pigments, which provide more shine and fixation with excellent stability to light and heat. The colours are striking and unsaturated, and define a new concept in Lip Blushing technology - offering genuine and natural-looking results, with unrivalled fixation.