Would you like to become an ID Liner distributor, and sell our ID Liner products?
You will be representing a brand that has been met with international acclaim for its attractive, safe and unique ability to cope with the demands of the industry.

Our attractive distributor discount structure means that you could benefit from up to a 40% mark up on the products that you sell and, with thousands of new entrants to the Permanent Make Up industry every year all looking to use the best products, your earning potential could be limitless.

With the design and manufacture of the ID Liner : En Point devices remaining in the UK and with the ease of regular software updates and service maintenance offered by Team TG to ensure optimum performance, they remain a reliable and trusted choice for technicians. Our pigments are tried, tested and trusted, delivering beautiful, true colours for clients and making life for technicians a whole lot easier. Combined with all other branded accessories and products designed by Tracie and her team with years of experience and permanent make up artists in mind, the ID Liner range will sell themselves!


- Safety
- Reliability
- Aesthetic appearance
- Marketing support
- Global representation
- Keeping ahead of your competition
- Consistently outstanding results
- The ease of a ‘One-Stop Shop’
- Opportunity to increase your turnover


- A brand representative that genuinely shares our ethos: to provide a luxury client experience achieving beautiful Permanent Make Up results skillfully, safely and diligently
- A brand representative who knows their market and has significant industry experience
- A brand representative that is committed and dedicated to upholding the brands premium reputation

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