NEW Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine - Defenderr Vector

The NEW Vector wireless device by Defenderr is a revolution in the world of Permanent Makeup!

The Defenderr Vector is the first wireless PMU device with a built-in interchangeable needle stroke mechanism. It has everything a Permanent Makeup Artist dreams of - a versatile and manoeuvrable device, which can be fully adjusted to work with any technique very easily.

Vector Wireless PMU Machine

Working with no noise or vibration, the Defenderr Permanent Makeup Machines - Vector, Onyx, Diamond & Ruby - are the most advanced on the market. The Defenderr PMU Machines are designed to the highest technical specifications and deliver outstanding results for all levels of Permanent Makeup Artist.

Defenderr Permanent Makeup Machine


In the core of the device there is an innovative new-generation engine developed specifically for Defenderr that is designed to make working smooth, accurate and silent. The engine is reliable and protected from overload, short circuiting and overheating when working for a long time.

Mobility & Comfort:

By choosing a wireless device, you expand your capabilities, freeing yourself from wires and the restrictions associated with them. This device can be operated from both the wireless battery and from the Defenderr PS-8 Power Supply, the Dragonhawk Aurora or the Critical Atom X through an additional adapter with an RCA connector.

Defenderr Vector Wireless Machine


  • Continuous battery life: Up to 5 hours, depending on the selected voltage and needle stroke
  • Extra battery included allowing you to switch very quickly, doubling battery life
  • Battery charges in 2 hours via a standard universal USB Type-C clip cord

Defenderr Vector Wireless Battery

Wireless Permanent Makeup Machine

Built-in Eccentric:

Equipped with 7 interchangeable eccentrics which can be easily switched on the maniple, the Vector device combines three devices in one.

A short needle stroke will work perfectly with high coverage colouring and linear technique; the medium stroke is suitable for powder and air spraying, while the long stroke allows you to work with deeper layers to make tattoos or work with thicker skin.

Defenderr Wireless Machine Interchangeable Eccentric

Ergonomic Design:

The Vector device is designed based on the requirements of the leading artists, working with almost no vibration, sitting comfortably in the hand and with an anti-slip coating. The removable battery fits tightly and securely to the maniple for stability.

This device is a little heavier due to its powerful battery, but it is still extremely comfortable to hold. The centre of gravity is perfectly balanced so that the Artist does not feel any pressure whilst working.

Easy Navigation:

The Defenderr Vector is equipped with a new generation processor that provides flawless control. The LED display responds to your touch instantly, allowing you to easily adjust the power of the device.

  • Battery indicator
  • Timer for calculating working time, which can be paused
  • Jump-start function (for working with hard tattoo cartridges)

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Defenderr PMU Tattoo Machine

VECTOR Specifications:



Adjustable Needle Hang Out

2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.3, 3.6, 3.9, 4.2mm



Motor Power



4-12V (adjustable directly on the device)

Rotational Speed

6.5 rpm

Weight With Box


Box Size

16.6 x 11.1 x 7.1cm


Device, 2 x batteries, RCA adapter, RCA clipcord, charging cable


1 year


Stealth, Gunmetal, Chromium, Baby Blue


The Defenderr Vector is compatible with all Defenderr PMU Cartridge Needles and any classic cartridge needle.