Introducing FACE Permanent Makeup Pigments

Permanent Makeup is more popular than ever before. Demand is soaring, but so are client expectations, and Permanent Makeup Artists need to invest in the very best training and tools to remain competitive.

Artists are looking for affordable, high-quality pigments that elevate their Permanent Makeup to the next level, keeping their diary full and their clients coming back again and again...but with so many different pigment brands on the PMU market all claiming to be the best, it can be difficult to know which you can really trust to deliver transformational results.

At ID Liner we wanted to create some clarity for Artists, so after completing in-depth research with the PMU community, listening to exactly what they were looking for from their pigments, our ID Liner Pro Team have been travelling the world cherry-picking only the best Permanent Makeup pigments from leading global brands and bringing them back to the UK.

Our travels took us to the heart and home of Permanent Makeup - Russia, where we discover the incredible pigments by FACE.

FACE Permanent Makeup Pigments

One of the most innovative and stylish pigment ranges currently available, the unique, universal formula of FACE Pigments means that they are suitable for all clients and all levels of Permanent Makeup Artist!

More forgiving than some other popular pigment brands and able to be safely removed with laser, FACE Brow, Eyeliner & Lip Blush pigments are still power-packed with pigment, healing naturally and fading gradually & evenly.

FACE have spent many years designing these pigments to ensure Artists experience easy styling, maximum retention, beautiful healed results and a versatile colour palette allowing you to create the most on-trend shades.

But what makes the FACE pigments so special?!

  • The unique formula is more forgiving than other popular pigment brands and allows FACE pigments to be safely and effectively removed from the skin.

  • The versatile colour palette has been carefully selected to reflect the most on-trend shades, but is fully mixable allowing you to create the perfect look for every client.

  • FACE pigments are inorganic and organic hybrids - perfectly balanced to ensure Artists experience the softness and safety of inorganic dyes, whilst still be able to achieve the long-lasting colour intensity of organic dyes.

FACE PMU Pigments

FACE pigments are hybrids with either an inorganic or organic base and the range includes:

FACE Brow Pigments:

Suitable for machine & microblading, hairstrokes & shading...

Sandy - warm golden-brown shade

Hazel - a neutral brown colour

Espresso - a saturated coffee shade

Mocco - a rich brown shade

Cinnamon - a warm golden-brown shade

FACE Brow Pigments

FACE Lip Blush Pigments - Inorganic

The Inorganic Lip Blush Pigment line consists of 15 beautiful, softer pastel shades to create stunning blushed lips.

Tokyo - a cold saturated pink shade

Detroit - a cold purple-eggplant shade

Chili - a warm scarlet saturated shade

Cherry - a cold and saturated cherry-wine shade

Amsterdam - a soft and cold light-purple shade

Granate - a juicy bright-red shade with a pink subtone

Paprika - a warm saturated red-pink shade

Strawberry - a bright red-pink shade

Raspberry - a saturated pink shade with a warm subtone

Blush - a neutral soft pink and universal covering nude shade

Caramel - a natural pink-brown shade 

Lilac - a soft pink-purple shade with a cold subtone

Toffee - a warm pink-brown shade

Apricot - a warm and soft peachy shade

Scherbet - a neutral pink shade

FACE Inorganic Lip Blush Pigments

FACE Lip Blush Pigments - Organic Love

The Organic Love Lip Blush Pigment line consists of 8 beautiful, intense colours named after famous Hollywood stars to suit different skin tones and create bold lip blush looks.

Moore - a warm saturated brown shade with a coral subtone

Jolie - a bright saturated shade with a cold subtone

Bellucci - a cold ruby-red shade

Paris - a cold saturated berry shade

Megan - a cold saturated red-pink shade

Shayk - a cold saturated brown shade

Jennifer - a basic and neutral shade

Tyra - a cold saturated grape shade

FACE Organic Love Lip Blush Pigments

FACE Eyeliner Pigments

Coal - a soft and semi-transparent black shade 

Space - a universal saturated black shade

FACE Eyeliner Pigments


Cosmetic Tattooing is an art and artists need a range of different pigments in their kit so that they can adapt to the requirements of each individual client. We advise selecting pigments from multiple ranges, and at ID Liner we only work with the best pigments available globally: