Introducing Hanafy Permanent Makeup Pigments

Permanent Makeup is more popular than ever before. Demand is soaring, but so are client expectations, and Permanent Makeup Artists need to invest in the very best training and tools to remain competitive.

Artists are looking for affordable, high-quality pigments that elevate their Permanent Makeup to the next level, keeping their diary full and their clients coming back again and again...but with so many different pigment brands on the PMU market all claiming to be the best, it can be difficult to know which you can really trust to deliver transformational results.

At ID Liner we wanted to create some clarity for Artists, so after completing in-depth research with the PMU community, listening to exactly what they were looking for from their pigments, our team travelled the world cherry-picking only the best Permanent Makeup pigments from leading global brands and bringing them back to the UK.

Our travels took us to the heart and home of Permanent Makeup - Russia, where we discover the incredible pigments by Hanafy.


Hanafy Areola Tattoo Pigments


Created by Permanent Makeup Master Olga Hanafy, the Hanafy pigment range has been designed based on many years of personal experience and observing exactly what Artists need to create the best possible PMU results. ⁠

Olga's 15+ years in the PMU industry, with 12 of those spent studying colour theory, has enabled her to create the highest quality PMU pigment line, and we are SO excited to bring them to the UK market as one of just two carefully selected UK partners.

But what makes the Hanafy pigments so special?!

  • They are proven to deliver exceptional, predictable, long-lasting results that fade without colour change.⁠

  • They are easy to use, implant effortlessly in the skin, and are fully mixable for an infinite colour palette.⁠

  • Unlike many other popular pigment ranges on the market, Hanafy Pigments can be perfectly removed with laser or remover if required.⁠


Hanafy Permanent Makeup Microblading Pigments


The Hanafy pigments are a mixture of organic & inorganic and the range includes:

Lip Blush Pigments

No.1 Coral - a rich, warm pink

No.2 Rose - a natural pink

No.3 Peach - a peach, nude

No.4 Cherry - a deep, bright cherry

No.5 Strawberry - a true red

No.6 Raspberry - cool & gentle

No.7 Cranberry - saturated berry colour

No.8 Red Earth - eloquent, brown undertone

No.9 Soft Beige - soft brown-pink shade


Hanafy Lip Blush Pigment Palette


Brow Pigments

Suitable for machine & microblading, hairstrokes & shading...

No.1 Golden Blonde - wheat blonde shade

No.2 Dark Blonde - from light blonde to dark blonde

No.3 Milk Chocolate - warm hazel brown, milk chocolate shade

No.4 Dark Brunette - brown, dark chocolate colour

No.5 Black Brown - the darkest shade in the brow palette


Hanafy Eyebrow Pigments Colour Palette


Eyeliner Pigments

No.1 - very warm, yellow-based, medium brown shade

No.2 - very warm, red-based, medium brown shade

No.3 - beautiful red-based, deep brown shade

No.4 - red-based, blackened brown shade


Hanafy Eyeliner Pigments Set 1 Colour Palette


No.6 Charcoal - smokey, charcoal grey

No.7 Deep Black - the darkest shade in the eyeliner palette

No.8 Black Rose - purple, aubergine shade

No.9 Russian Forest - green eyeliner pigment


Hanafy Eyeliner Pigments Set 2 Colour Palette


Areola Pigments

No.1 - a beige-pink shade

No.2 - a warm shade

No.3 - a mid-brown shade

No.4 - a warm shade, darker than No.3

No.5 - a red-based, warm shade


Hanafy Areola Tattoo Pigments


Colour Correctors

No.1 - a rich, orange shade

No.2 - a yellow-orange shade 

No.3 - an olive shade


Hanafy Colour Correcting Pigments

Camouflage Pigments

No.1 - the brightest camouflage cold-skin pigment

No.2 - bright camouflage pigment shade for warmer skin tones

No.3 - bright pink camouflage pigment

No.4 - warm beige camouflage pigment

No.5 - cold beige camouflage pigment

No.6 - white camouflage pigment


Hanafy Camouflage Permanent Makeup Pigments


Cosmetic Tattooing is an art and artists need a range of different pigments in their kit so that they can adapt to the requirements of each individual client. We advise selecting pigments from multiple ranges, and at ID Liner we only work with the best pigments available globally:


Tried, trusted & tested, here's what World Master PMU Artist @hanakellydelineate had to say about the Hanafy Brow Pigments...

If you haven’t tried HANAFY…I strongly advise you to do so!⁠

What I was drawn to was the richness of the pigment, effortless implantation and the uncomplicated colour palette.⁠ N1 Golden Blonde, N2 Dark Blonde, N3 Milk Chocolate, N4 Dark Brunette - EASY! (There are more pigments available - but I began with these 4).⁠

When I finally had the chance to try, I was not disappointed!⁠
  • Pigment implants quickly and beautifully⁠
  • Healed results are fantastic⁠
  • Suitable for strokes and shading⁠ - I LOVE THEM!⁠
⁠I am still using Mag Color, but there are times when I need a little something more OR I know my clients skin is going to be hyper-sensitive so I need my colour to develop quickly…this is when I reach for HANAFY!