Introducing Ruby - The Lastest Permanent Makeup Machine From Defenderr

Russia is universally acknowledged as the epicentre of Permanent Makeup and the Defenderr range, developed in Russia, is the choice of serious Russian PMU Master Artists.

Discovering this incredible brand and wanting to make their products available to Artists in the UK and Europe, ID Liner became the exclusive UK distributor of Defenderr and now sells their products to PMU Artists worldwide.

Sleek, smooth, powerful and ergonomically designed, Defenderr PMU Machines have quickly become a must-have for any Permanent Makeup Artist looking to elevate their skills.

The stand-out feature of the Defenderr Permanent Makeup Machines is that they work with minimal noise and vibration - giving you total precision and control over your treatment results.

With the demand for super stable, powerful, precision handpieces that are universal and able to used for any Permanent Makeup treatment or technique sky-rocketing since the launch of Defenderr in the UK, Defenderr designed a new handpiece - Ruby.

Introducing Ruby by Defenderr

Ruby is a powerful device able to win over every Permanent Makeup Artist. With 7 interchangeable eccentric modes designed to allow you to adjust your needle for any Permanent Makeup treatment, this is the most versatile Permanent Makeup machine currently available.


Defenderr Permanent Makeup Machine Ruby


Ruby was created for Artists who never stand still in their development and are looking for machines capable of creating masterpieces - whether in PMU or body tattooing.

With the Ruby there are no more restrictions - in the hands of any PMU professional the Ruby will help you to master any technique. The Ruby is the number one choice whether you are looking to achieve airy pixels or the thinnest hairstrokes, larger shaded areas such as areola reconstruction or camoflague work, or intricate designs.

You no longer need to buy several machines to find the ideal needle stroke depending on the area of application and the selected technique, because finally one machine is enough - the Ruby.


Defender Ruby Cosmetic Tattooing Machine

Key Features:

  • Fully adjustable needle hangout with 7 in-built settings
  • No noise or vibration whilst working
  • Exclusive motor design, created to extend the functional possibilities
  • Impeccable handling & puncture accuracy

The design of the Defenderr Ruby prevents ink from flowing back into the machine and is fully demountable, with each individual part able to be serviced and repaired if necessary, and the twist-off holder allows the device to be sterilized by any of the known methods.

The Defenderr Ruby runs with the Defenderr PS-8 Power Supply and is compatible with all Defenderr Cartridge Needles.

The Defenderr Permanent Makeup Needles are the best and sharpest on the market, causing very little trauma to the skin and perfect for Artist wanting to work with total precision and confidence. Compatible with every major handpiece on the market, the Defenderr range is proven to create uniformed pixels and clearer lines, even for beginner Artists.

Whatever your experience and skill set, this is the range you need to take your career and art to the next level.


New Defenderr PMU Machine

Ruby Specifications:

Adjustable Needle Hangout 2.4 mm, 2.7 mm, 3.0 mm,
3.3 mm, 3.6 mm, 3.9 mm,
4.2 mm

Motor Power



3.5 - 10V

Rotation Speed

8,000 rpm


RCA (clip cord is included)





Rotational Speed

10,000 rpm




1 year


in the USA



1. What PMU techniques can the Defenderr machines be used for?

The Defenderr PMU machines are universally used machines suitable for any Permanent Makeup technique. The main feature of the machines is an impeccably smooth needle stroke (NO vibration whilst working), which means perfect hairstrokes, contours & pixelation. That is why it is the brand of choice for global master artists and is increasingly chosen by Artists for Hairstroke tattooing - whether they are extremely experienced or are only just mastering hairstrokes.

2. Which connector fits Defenderr machines?

Any RCA input power supply, such as Critical, Cheyenne, Huricane, Aurora, etc. is suitable for the machine. This is a powerful device so we do not recommend the use of cheap power supplies from AliExpress. Our preferred power supply is the Defenderr PS-8 Power Supply - available on our webshop.

3. What is voltage range recommended for the machines?

3.5 - 7 V range is recommended, depending on the tattooing technique used and the skin area covered.

4. Which PMU Cartridges can I use?

All Defenderr Cartridges are compatible with the Diamond, Onyx & Ruby machines. Defenderr Cartridges are the best and sharpest needles on the market, causing very little trauma to the skin and offering total precision and control.

5. Is there any warranty for the machine?

Yes, the official warranty and maintenance of the Defenderr PMU machines are valid for one year. When the warranty expires, you will still be able to send the machine to the service center for repair. The exact cost of repairs can be known only after we have received the machine and diagnosed the issue.


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