ID Liner PMU Pro

DEFENDERR PMU Cartridge | 35/01/RLLT (Round Liner Long Taper)



DEFENDERR PMU Cartridges are the best and sharpest needles on the market, causing very little trauma to the skin and perfect for Artist wanting to work with total precision and confidence.

Compatible with most popular handpiecesDEFENDERR cartridges are proven to create uniformed pixels and clearer lines, even for beginner Artists.

Whatever your experience and skill set, this is the range you need to take your career and art to the next level.

Why  DEFENDERR Cartridges?

  • Sharpest and best Permanent Makeup Cartridges on the market
  • Patented needle stabilising technology «Z – Systems, Long bar fixing lock» minimising any vibration and providing a perfectly smooth operation letting any user highlight even the finest details
  • Patented ink flow system «Ink Flow Cup» guaranteeing a quick ink draw up and equal pigment distribution without splashing
  • Lightweight membrane preventing ink from flowing back into the machine and for better needle return
  • Narrow needle tip that does not obstruct the view during work and provides a smooth flow of pigment
  • Sterilised with ethylene oxide and built from the highest quality medical-grade surgical steel from Japanese company Nissan
  • Widest range of needle configurations available
  • Needle stroke is smooth and soft, and colouring takes less time


    DEFENDERR PMU Cartridges are compatible with the DEFENDERR DIAMONDDEFENDERR ONYX & DEFENDERR RUBY Permanent Makeup Machines as well as any cosmetic tattooing machine that accepts standard twist-to-fit cartridges including Cheyenne, FK Irons (MicrobeauXion, Bellar, etc.), Bishop, Solo, Rook, Equaliser, Scalpa, Mast, Dragonhawk and many more!

    35/01/RLLT (Round Liner Long Taper) - 20 cartridges per box.

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