The Science of Pigment | Online Permanent Makeup Training

Pigment ingredients and their interactions with the skin.

TIME: 1 hour 12 mins.

Have you ever wondered what is inside a bottle of pigment?

Most artists start out by using the pigment line that they were trained with, but as their confidence grows, they usually try out other lines through artist recommendation.

What is often overlooked in this process, is thinking about or enquiring about exactly what is inside each bottle of pigment.

In this informative online permanent makeup webinar you will learn how to understand your individual pigment ingredients, and their function within the pigment mix. You will learn about Solvents, Carriers, Binding agents, Surfactants and also the Coloured Pigment Particles and Powders.

This will help you to understand why pigment lines all perform differently in and on the skin, and why some are thin and runny, while others are thick and sticky.

This webinar will also cover pigment allergies and how to identify them. You will learn about what happens when pigment is implanted into the skin, how the body then deals with the pigment, and also what happens to the pigment in the long term.

It is very important for artists to understand how pigments interacts with the skin, and how to choose safe pigments.

You might not think you need this webinar, but it contains some very vital knowledge that all artists should be aware of before implanting anything into their clients skin and altering it permanently.

Please note: This is not a live webinar. It is pre-recorded which means you can download it and watch it whenever works best for you. It can be saved to your device and you can watch it an unlimited amount of times, referring back to it whenever you need!


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