ID Liner PMU Pro

Modifier Pigments | Li Aqua Pigments 'Must-Have' - Un-Gray

A very warm, pumpkin inorganic orange shade. 

L-D 3 Temp: Warm +5

This Li Aqua Modifier Pigment has been formulated specifically for the correction of stubborn dark grey; charcoal grey; or stubborn darker blue brows.

Can be added to any darker shades when working on cool skin tones to prevent ash tones. 

Add to any mid-range to dark eyebrow colours for additional warmth. Not recommended as an additive to blondes or lighter brown shades.

    Product Features:

    • Versatile colours that produce beautiful results for all skin types and techniques
    • Unique & highly concentrated water based formulation
    • Easy implantation
    • Creamy consistency with minimal mixing required
    • Faster drying during procedures

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