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Lip Blush Pigments | Mara Pro - EARTHY Lip Blush Pigment Set

Introducing Mara Pro Pigments – where beauty meets convenience. Experience the ease of use with these new pigments, designed for effortless application from the very first use.

Mara Pro Lip Pigments offer the epitome of lip colour perfection. With a brilliant range of shades and an innovative formula designed for effortless application, these pigments redefine the art of lip enhancement.

The Mara Pro EARTHY Lip Blush Pigment Set includes 2 gorgeous shades:

  • Choco Mauve
  • Clay Baby

Clay Baby is a versatile dusty rose shade that transforms uniquely on each skin tone. Despite its warm appearance, it turns cooler once applied to the skin. Suitable for Fitzpatrick skin types 1-5.

Choco Mauve is an ideal warm brown shade that can transform any colour in the collection to a unique custom mauve.

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