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Lip Blush Pigments | Li Forever Lips Pigments - Toasted Coral

Warm/Neutral | Orange & Coral, Organic Base

A bright orange coral colour.

Appropriate for Fitzpatrick skin types I‐III and green, blue, hazel, violet and aqua eye colours.

Can be used neat for a full lip application or mixed with other shades. Use to maximise other Li lip blush colours. Add to other shades to intensify. Can also be used as a first pass to neutralise very cool toned lips.

Please note this shade contains titanium.

    Product Features:

    • Designed for long-lasting results
    • Highly concentrated with a creamy consistency
    • Maximum colour intensity in every drop
    • Uniquely formulated for easy implantation
    • Versatile colours that produce beautiful results for all skin types and techniques
    • Heal beautifully in the skin. Super strong colours that still heal soft & natural
    • Minimal mixing required
    • Faster drying during procedures

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