ID Liner Exclusive


Inspired by only the most beautiful and realistic Permanent Makeup & Microblading results, Mag Color GOLD Brow Pigments have a creamier texture and are power-packed with pigment to ensure maximum coverage and long-lasting results. Mag Color GOLD Brow Pigments have been developed using the latest technologies ensuring more uniformed pixels, excellent implantation in the skin, and higher performance in the most varied micropigmentation techniques.

Designed by listening to PMU professionals, Mag Color LINE Brow Pigments are a totally different from anything else on the market, enhancing eyebrow tattooing with less application time and more effectiveness, transforming your PMU results. The density and fixing power will elevate your work, enchanting and retaining customers. All colours are unsaturated with unrivalled covering power and their high stability allows for long-lasting, excellent definition in hairstrokes and shading effects with very low risk of migration or expansion.