Take your Permanent Makeup Results to the next level with our Crème Rescue Aftercare Serum

The most innovative PMU & Microblading aftercare product on the market!

As PMU Artists ourselves, we understand the dedication, skill, hard work, financial investment and personal sacrifices it takes to become a talented Permanent Makeup or Microblading Artist and to ensure that every client leaves your workspace with the best possible treatment results. You’ve completed your training, practised for hours to learn the latest techniques, invested in the best equipment and taken the time to get to know your clients and what their desired end results are. Your client is ecstatic, the results of your Permanent Makeup, Microblading or Aesthetics treatment are perfect – but they won’t stay perfect if you don’t use the best aftercare products and all this will go to waste!


Crème Rescue Serum




Having performed over 40,000 treatments at her world-famous Knightsbridge clinic, Tracie Giles has unrivalled exposure to the post-treatment cycle of extreme skin trauma and rejuvenation. As a leading facial cosmetic tattooist, she recognised the skin as her canvas. A thinner, stressed canvas could not hold the beautiful designs created for the brows, eyes and lips, and nor could one that was inflamed or damaged. The key therefore to the very best treatment results she found was in both the integrity of the skin to begin with and the effectiveness of the healing process. This is the secret to her success.



“My life’s work has been to study the face and to create symmetry and beauty. My passion is to transform each individual into the most beautiful, powerful version of themselves” Tracie Giles


"A supercharged high performance skin serum to soothe the skin and accelerate the healing process"

Having identified a requirement for a specialist aftercare product and with no effective alternative on the market, Tracie and Charlotte worked with a team of biochemists to blend the optimal amounts of specifically sourced and selected ‘clinically proven’ active ingredients for ultimate skin healing. They developed Crème Rescue - a supercharged high performance skin serum to soothe the skin and accelerate the healing process following Permanent Makeup and Medical Cosmetic and Aesthetic treatments.

Cosmetic aesthetic treatments such as laser, injectables, peels, heat therapies and Permanent Makeup cause shock and trauma to our skin before triggering a healing-response. During this period of ‘downtime’, how well our skin heals will determine how effective the results of our treatment will be and how long the visible marks will take to disappear. Crème Rescue Serum combines 5 powerful active ingredients which work together to rescue skin that has been purposefully damaged, promote scar free healing and supercharge the results of your treatment!


Crème Rescue Serum. PMU Aftercare. Microblading Aftercare.

  1. SWT-7 (award-winning): first developed to treat burn injuries and to effectively regenerate skin cells, SWT-7’s amazing ability to promote cell turnover is revolutionary and leads to much quicker healing time for aesthetic treatments and significantly enhanced results.
  2. Neurophroline (award-winning): breaks down Cortisol reducing the skins shock response and redness (up to x2.4) to combat the signs of environmental aggressors. Neurophroline is also a natural painrelief peptide, significantly stimulating the production of beta-endorphins by skin cells, which block pain messages sent by the skin to the brain (+163%) – making sure the healing process is as pain free as possible for your client!
  3. Hyaluronic Acid (max. strength): rehydrates skin, speeds up wound healing and reduces wrinkles.
  4. Chamomile: well known and well-regarded natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory helping to soothe the skin and keep it clean and clear of infection throughout the healing process.
  5. Blue Yarrow: tightens the skin and controls sebum production – combatting ageing


The Crème Rescue Serum is dual-action, and although originally created for use after aesthetic treatments to rescue damaged skin and enhance the results, the anti-ageing and overall healing properties of the serum have been honed to make it perfect for use as part of a daily skincare routine to protect against environmental and pollution damage, ageing and on any irritated or compromised skin.

Crème Rescue Skin Transformation


Improved canvas, maintain treatment results, create additional revenue stream...


Encouraging your clients to use the Crème Rescue Serum as both a post-treatment aftercare and as part of their daily skincare routine will give you an improved canvas to work from in the future, maintain the results of your treatment as best as possible, and create an additional, ongoing revenue stream for you.

Tracie Giles has trialled this serum as an aftercare product in her clinic for over two years with outstanding results. Not only do clients treatments heal beautifully, but the on-going skin maintenance and anti-ageing effects of continued use are very visible.

As a Permanent Makeup Artist the healed results of your treatments need to represent your skill and incredible talent, so you need to invest in the best aftercare for your clients. If you want to stock Crème Rescue Serum to give you and your customers the best chance at perfect results and maximise your profit from every treatment, then visit our website at www.cremerescue.co.uk for exclusive stockist discounts.