3 Flat Needle Tips (20)


3 Flat Needle Tips can be used to secure 3 Flat Needles in place, which comprise 3 super-fine acupuncture needles arranged in a line formation. Tracie Giles has carefully selected these high-quality Purebeau products for her ID Liner range. 

Purebeau is a market-leading provider of professional products for the micro-pigmentation industry. Needles used by Purebeau have been designed using the principles of acupuncture and are extremely fine and smooth. Skin irritation is minimised and no residue is left behind from these ready-for-use needles.

3 Flat Needle Tips will allow you to perform precision treatments with confidence. Purchase Purebeau needle tips and trust in the quality of your equipment, allowing you to focus your efforts entirely on achieving the results your clients deserve. 


This pack includes 20 needle tips. 


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