Long-Time-Liner Conture-Liner Duo | with Long Time Liner Case or Rimowa Case, 1 handpiece, foot pedal and power cable

£2,800 £5,265

Second Hand Long-Time-Liner Conture-Liner Duo. Price includes Device, Long Time Liner Case or Rimowa Case, 1 handpiece, foot pedal and power cable

Total Hours Used: 167 hours 47 minutes

From industry-leading Long-Time-Liner, this precision PMU device consists of an electronic safety microcontroller and offers the possibility to connect two precision micropigmentation liners. The safety controller ensures a precise, quiet and balanced micropigmentation process, as well as short colour injection times.

The possibility of connecting a second liner offers the following advantages:

  • Simplified use thanks to the possibility of using two colours simultaneously
  • Time-saving
  • More efficient work
  • A more pleasant treatment for the client

The device has an integrated ink flow and the pigments are filled into sterile disposable modules (no unhygienic dipping in open colour pots). The special vertical lift mechanism allows an even and calm application. When not in use, the pigmentation needle automatically retracts into the disposable module thereby preventing any risk of injury.

Bespoke product bundles can be created on request - allowing you to create the perfect PMU package for you at a discounted cost. Email training@traciegiles.co.uk for more info!



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