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Lip Blush Pigments | Goldeneye Coloressense - Starter Set

New to Goldeneye Coloressense Lip Blush Pigments?

The Goldoneye Coloressense Lip Blush Starter Set includes 5 of the most popular Lip Blush colours in 5ml bottles. The ultimate selection for any lip pigmentations!

Product Features:

  • REACH compliant according to EU Regulation 2020/2081
  • Highest possible pigment density (on average twice as much pigment as other pigment brands)
  • Narrow band dispersion, fading evenly over time
  • Advanced skin sealing, healing quickly & vibrantly
  • Ideal for all types of pigmentation
  • Can be used pure or diluted
  • Free of Iron Oxide for maximum stability
  • Simple application
  • 100% vegan & cruelty-free!

Goldeneye Coloressense Pigments are state-of-the-art Permanent Makeup Pigments of the highest quality and are destined for every kind of pigmentation - from large-scale shadings to detailed drawings.

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