Colour Trend Pure Blonde


The ID Liner Colour Trend Pure Blonde pigment is universally amazing for all light brows. This colour has a green-yellow base and simply fades away without ghosting. Create stunning, long-lasting brows with this pigment-rich and super versatile product.

Take a look at the full Colour Trend range of brow pigments for complementary shades and modifying colours. Pigments mix easily together and all colours benefit from the addition of warm gold, which helps to stabilise pigments to a natural shade and combat unwanted grey tones.

Use Pure Blonde brow pigment neat for stunning microblading results or dilute for use with a conventional device. Your clients will be amazed by the colour-dense, long-lasting looks you will be able to create. Pure Blonde pigment glides on and stays put — treatments have never been easier!

Key Benefits of Colour Trend Brow Pigments

  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to mix with modifying colours — the possibilities are unlimited!
  • Colour-dense
  • Works beautifully with microblades, acupuncture needles and cartridge needles
  • Choose from a wide range of pigment colours
  • Not tested on animals

The Colour Trend range includes base tones of brown, blonde or brown-black, as well as modifying colours and pigments designed to combat grey tones.

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