Colour Trend Mid Warm Brown


The ID Liner Colour Trend Mid-Warm Brown brow pigment has a cool yellow and green base with some red, making it a great standalone colour for many skin types. The addition of warm gold helps to stabilise pigments and reduce unwanted grey tones. We recommend that you refer to the Fitzpatrick scale to determine the suitability of this shade for your client.

Why not try mixing Mid-Warm Brown brow pigment with another colour from the Colour Trend range? Tracie and a team of biochemists have meticulously designed pigments that allow expert technicians to create beautiful, long-lasting brows. All pigments mix easily together, glide on to the skin and are long-lasting. Modifying colours can be used to create the perfect blend for your client. Our “Don’t Go Grey” pigment is a great choice for clients seeking to correct grey eyebrows.

The Colour Trend range includes the brow pigments most requested at Tracie Giles’ exclusive Knightsbridge clinic. Microbladers will find the consistency of Colour Trend pigments a dream. If you prefer to use a conventional device, simply dilute the pigment to achieve graduated shading and precision hair strokes.

Key Benefits of Colour Trend Brow Pigments

  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to mix with modifying colours — the possibilities are unlimited!
  • Colour-dense
  • Works beautifully with microblades, acupuncture needles and cartridge needles
  • Choose from a wide range of pigment colours
  • Not tested on animals

Browse our Colour Trend brow pigments and find the perfect colours for your clients. Select a base tone of brown, blonde or brown-black, or mix pigments together to create a bespoke colour that perfectly matches your client’s skin type and desired look. 

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*Due to the sterile nature of the products we operate a no-returns policy for pigments or needles if they have been opened or had their packaging/seal tampered with, unless the Products are in some way faulty.

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