Colour Trend Hairstroke Concealer


The ID Liner Colour Trend Hairstroke Concealer can be used by trained professionals to subdue and neutralise small incorrect areas in the brow. If removing a grey, dark or red hairstroke is not possible, the Hairstroke Concealer can be used sparingly to achieve impressive results.

Many clients wish to hide unwanted tones in their brow and the Colour Trend range has been designed to make this a simple and effective process for technicians. Warm gold has been added to the entire Colour Trend range to help stabilise pigments and combat unwanted grey tones.

The Colour Trend range includes the colours most requested at Tracie Giles’ exclusive London Knightsbridge clinic. Find the perfect colour to use with the Hairstroke Concealer and help your client achieve their desired look. All pigments have been designed to blend easily together and glide onto the skin for long-lasting results.

Apply pigments with a microblade or dilute for use with a conventional device.

Key Benefits of Colour Trend Brow Pigments

  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to mix with modifying colours — the possibilities are unlimited!
  • Colour-dense
  • Works beautifully with microblades, acupuncture needles and cartridge needles
  • Choose from a wide range of pigment colours
  • Not tested on animals

Shop the full range of Colour Trend brow pigments and create your own versatile palette of colour-dense brow pigments. 

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