ID Liner Products

The ID Liner range has been put together to ensure technicians are able to create beautiful and lasting Permanent Make Up results for their clients not only easily, but most importantly, safely. The proprietary ingredients of the ID Liner pigments, pencils, cleansers and equipment are based on substantial research, development and testing. ID Liners’ manufacturers of pigments, pencils, devices and cleansers are based only in the UK, Mainland Europe and the USA.

Whilst it is possible for a person to develop an allergy to any ingredient at any point in their lives, regardless of whether they have been exposed to the ingredient before, safety tests are performed for all of our products by the IndelibeLiner® manufacturers and products contain ingredients that are regulated and compliant to be sold into the UK and most other regions globally. Safety certificates as well as ingredients and MSDC sheets can be requested by emailing


Where to find an ID Liner stockist?

ID Liner products can be purchased either online or through one of our authorised stockists.

A full list of stockists will appear here shortly.  Please call for further information.