3-Sloped Hygiene Cartridge (0.33mm)

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Swiss Color have developed various hygiene cartridges, using only the latest technology and highest quality materials.

They know that each PMU artists has developed their own style so offer a wide range of different cartridges, perfectly designed to offer every PMU artists the highest degree of safety and comfort for optimal work on their clients.

The base of the hygiene cartridges is made of medically approved synthetic, and the needles themselves are made of stainless steel. The production is kept under constant and independent control in order to ensure proper quality and the extra-long cartridges mean there is no risk of infection. 

The 3-Sloped Hygiene Cartridge needles are obliquely arranged and always reach the same skin depth, so that a uniform colour holds in the skin. Finer or firmer lines can be drawn by changing the angle of the handpiece, and subtle contours can be created by changing the pressure on the cartridge. This cartridge can be used for eyebrows, eyeliners and lips.

Expiry: Feb 2020 



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*Due to the sterile nature of the products we operate a no-returns policy for pigments or needles if they have been opened or had their packaging/seal tampered with, unless the Products are in some way faulty.

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